Trade Show Marketing: Attracting Trade Show Booth Visitors

Participating in a highly regarded industry trade show can be one of the most important marketing moves a business makes. With a well-conceived trade show marketing plan, business managers can generate industry buzz, make important contacts and most importantly sell products and services.

Maximizing booth traffic is the key to a successful trade show experience. More people means more opportunities to increase sales and meet trade show marketing goals. There are several trade show marketing tools that can draw participants to a booth. Remember, attendees spend all day in a convention hall walking from booth to booth. The most important trade show marketing strategy is to stand out among the crowd!

Customized Prize Wheel

It is hard to resist the temptation to spin a colorful prize wheel! A customized prize wheel is one of the most versatile and cost-effective trade show marketing tools that a company can own. Because the wheel can be customized to display any number of prizes, it is the perfect opportunity for a company to showcase their own products and services.

To most effectively take advantage of trade show marketing, attendees should fill out a contact card in exchange for an opportunity to spin the wheel. This often results in hundreds of contacts by the end of a show!

Money Blowing Machine

Planning Ideas For Successful Trade Show Exhibits

Your company’s presence at industry trade shows is critical to stay competitive in a global marketplace. Properly managed trade show displays can be one of your most effective and powerful sales tools.

Here are some pointers to consider as you approach the challenge of maximizing your trade show selling efforts:

Identify or Develop Trade Show Exhibits Expertise

To get started, enlist the early interest and participation of your Marketing Director. He/she should be a dedicated promotional partner in getting your exhibit program launched.

Seek guidance from reliable sources. If you do not have a communications department in your company, consider hiring your trade show exhibits company or an outside trade show marketing consultant. If you do not have the budget for a consultant, take the time to educate yourself and your sales team on the basic essentials of trade show selling.

Integrate Trade Show Exhibiting into Your Marketing Plans

A study on the nine basic marketing approaches used by the nation’s top companies, trade show exhibits rank #3 in marketing dollars spent, only behind advertising and sales promotions and ahead of sales force management, direct and online marketing, premiums, public relations among others.

Recognize the importance of trade show exhibiting and give it your very best. Business-to-business marketers in greater numbers every year are adopting the trade show exhibit function as an increasingly valuable component of their promotional toolkit. What this means is you need to spend time and effort on exhibiting at trade shows to remain competitive.

Fair exhibits are depending on your stand size and product type

Be it a small or a large-scale exhibition one, someone who is inexperienced about is sure to feel a little nervous about the whole thing. He would wonder how the customers’ attention to its stands to gain if there are so many companies are in competition with it. And to be honest, his fears are not without foundation – without proper fair exhibits, his chances of visitors to attract to its stalls next to zero.

How do you set up stalls in a trade, you will have to expect certain marketing expenses. Costs include space rental, telecommunications, networking travel, accommodation, advertising material, exhibition exhibitions etc etc. If you fail to attract visitors, made all the effort and apply going down the drain the costs.

Do not try to save money on the trade show exhibits. These are the only means that when visitors will attract attention. Remember, you have to grab their attention only three seconds. Unless you can put them on within these 3 seconds, it will pass without even a glance. Even if they look fleetingly in your barn to translate, which is not in genuine interest. Therefore, it is imperative that you have the right trade show display, which is just another term for trade show exhibits.

If you buy the trade show displays, do so from a company with a good reputation and decent customer service plan. You also need a team of experts in each area, so they are of meting out sound advice with respect to indicating the position corresponding to a specific product type. Another factor to keep would be the available space in view of the size.

Things you should expect from a top notch trade show exhibit company

What should you expect when you are dealing with a top-notch trade show exhibit house? You should look for a complete hassle free, trade show exhibit ability right from design concept to final production.

Look for a company that provides a wide range of trade show exhibits right from custom portable, modular, cost-efficient trade show booths to custom designed exhibits that may cover thousands of square feet.

As a single source, this completely integrated trade show exhibit house would be able to handle all your requirements offering an unlined trade shows exhibit service that includes the entire step in your pre and post show appearance. The dream team behind the trade show should include talented project managers, graphic designers, and trade show booth design consultants and event coordinators who are expert in making your trade show experience flawless. You get the chance to decide from this menu of choices.

Today, you must expect these exhibit providers to design an incredible trade show booth with high-end display graphics and hassle free event planning, along with consistent care and the complete storage and warehousing of your trade show exhibit properties.

Successful Trade Shows: Tips For Training Your Booth Staff

One of the keys to successful trade shows is the training of your booth staff. Each trade show requires a specific marketing message targeted to a unique prospect and an exhibiting staff that can communicate with that audience.

Making the most of trade shows means that it is crucial to have a knowledgeable, qualified and highly trained sales staff at your trade show booths.

Before the trade show, rehearsals and training sessions for your exhibiting staff are essential to achieve your goals. And, sometimes the training covers some basic information, yet it often bears repeating.

Basic tips for training your exhibit staff:

1. Hire an exhibit staff trainer before your trade shows.

2. Have a trainer in the trade show booth to set up procedures and monitor booth activity.

3. Provide incentives (to stimulate trade show booth traffic, give a gift coupon out every hour).

4. Be good custodians of your (and your visitors’) time. Proactive learning on how to engage and courteously dismiss visitors at trade shows in a professional manner is critical.

5. Staff the trade show booth with personnel who match up well with prospects – i.e., engineers from your firm if prospects are engineers, etc.

Tips for attracting visitors at trade shows:

1. Have a warm smile and a welcoming persona.

2. Enthusiastic behavior; have direct eye contact, confront prospects by greeting, then engaging, and, finally, qualifying them.