2005 China International Industry Fair Parade

International Trade Fair

International Industrial Equipment Fair successfully held in the Sports Center. More than 200 famous enterprises home and abroad, 800 variety of high-tech products, attracting a large number of customers and many of the media’s eye. Exhibition opening day audience of about 10,000 visited the exhibition, a four-day cumulative audience of about 25,000 people.

  CPPCC Standing Committee, China Machinery Industry Federation chairman Yu Zhen, China Machinery Industry Federation Secretary-General of the Qing RB, Jiangsu Province, Xu Hanwen Honorary President of Federation of Machinery Industry in Jiangsu Province Agricultural Machinery Secretary, Federation of Machinery Industry in Jiangsu Province Chee Soon Juan, the pleasure to attend the meeting and wrote an inscription for the exhibition. Wuxi Leadership Mao Xiaoping, Zhou made the root, Lu Rongde, talking about school tomorrow, so I handle it with more than 70 Chinese and foreign guests attended the opening ceremony. In the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, Wuxi Machinery Industry Association, Guo-Liang and Ji-Mei Chang, Jong-seok Chang, Cao Fengde Union leaders and other higher-level, accompanied by Members, guests visited the exhibition together. After the visit, Yu Zhen, Wuxi, president of the local media should be invited, gave a speech on the success of this exhibition and the rapid development of Wuxi machinery industry spoke highly of. “Industrial Equipment Exhibition” by the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, and engaged the China Machinery Industry Federation, Federation of Machinery Industry in Jiangsu Province is co-sponsored by the Wuxi Municipal Economic Trading Committee, Federation of Machinery Industry, Wuxi, Wuxi auto industry associations and professional exhibition companies, the undertaker.

How to organise the perfect conference call

Management Conference

If you are in charge of hosting a conference call, it is a great opportunity to put your organising and managing skills to test and suitably impress the participants with what you have up your sleeve. And it’s dead easy to do! All that you need to do to host the perfect teleconference is a bit of preparation and conferencing services provided by a conference call service provider with the right kind of technology.

There are some best practices that teleconferencing participants follow to ensure that the call is a great one. A voice conference is not like a face to face meeting. It has its own peculiarities. There are certain things that you need to address before, during and after telephone conferencing to ensure that the call is a success.

Before the Call

No matter how well you prepare, if the teleconferencing service provider does not offer reliable services, you may not be able to get the right output. Ensure that you opt for the right conferencing solutions that suit your business needs. Phone conferencing does not start the moment someone picks up the phone to dial into the conference bridge. Preparations must be underway well before that.

* Circulate the agenda for the scheduled conference a few days before the meeting. It allows participants enough time to prepare.
* Send them all the details required for call conferencing. Include the number they need to dial, the pass code, alternate number to call in case there is any trouble etc. in the invite itself.

Stock Market Secrets Review – Shocking Trading Secrets Finally Revealed!

Secrets of Trade Show

Stock Market Secrets has generated a huge amount of reviews online. It has been considered one of the hottest stock related products for some time now. It claims that one will earn a minimum of thousands of dollars per week just by applying it’s cut-and-paste trading techniques in less than an hour per day.

Many people get attracted to this product because there is minimal risk and the rewards can be very, very beneficial. It’s always good to keep a healthy degree of skepticism and read my review here before deciding to purchase.

Stock Market Secrets is being offered at: Stock Market Secrets, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Very solid and reliable customer support is provided for all its members.

By using never before seen trading techniques, people are shown how to earn money online through the power of the stock market. Testimonials saying it to be an incredibly powerful money making system that is fool-proof are also available on the website.

Overall in our analysis, Stock Market Secrets has been said to be a good program that is greatly helping people achieve stock market success. However, remember that even the greatest trading techniques out there are not perfect. You may check out various products and pick the best one that suits your needs.

For example, one thing to watch out for is trading techniques that use stock trading “robots”.

Online Business Directory for Air Conditioners ? your way to beat the heat!

business directory

Air conditioners are one commodity that has successfully elevated their status from being an item of luxury to an essential in the last decade or so. Not that the humidity levels or temperature records have suddenly soared from prevailing geographic trends, but the magic of change is to be experienced in a first hand encounter. The globalization drive ushered by the preceding governments of our economy has had a herculean impact as far as the spending capacity and attitudes are concerned. Furthermore with the arrival of Online Business Directory for Air Conditioners, the game of leading a rich man’s life even after remaining poor has become a supposed reality.

It was not uncommon to think of even the well-to-do India consumer as a laidback market with orthodox habits and lifestyle. This myth was openly challenged and turned on its head with the case study of how air conditioners have affected their reversal of fortunes in an unpredictable market like urban India. The market has grown manifold times in leaps and bounds that was far from any speculation till only recently. The projected rise in graphs is even more spell-binding. So what is the main reason behind such a phenomenal growth pattern that is yet to be seen in other luxury items? Let us see the concept and latent benefits that come with Online Business Directory for Air Conditioners

Retail Internet Business Ideas

business idea

The internet business, commercial or otherwise, is much like any other brick and mortar business. It requires a salable product and service, relevant communications to attract customers, and the back-end logistics to deliver the goods. Some people still consider the World Wide Web as a simple maze that will lead to a `pot of gold ‘. Let’s discuss some of the most important considerations for building a successful retail internet business.


It is important to know if you have customers where they are and how best they to convince them to buy from you. Without asking, and answering these few basic questions at the beginning, you will do what is best described as ‘shot in the dark’ approach described. You can get a hit, but what are the chances? Just because you’re selling online, you are not immune to the problems of another regular retail companies.

A good business idea should be followed by a detailed business plan that touches on both long and short term objectives, competitive environment, market trends, product USP, risks, opportunities and projected financial. This will also be useful if you decide to a third party or to approach bank for a loan.


the business of selling is not just about strategy and brainstorming. This includes a lot of paperwork and administration, not to mention having regard to the relevant laws. Some resources to get you started are: