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Case #1: Introduction

The main issue in this case is about whether  Maxine is entitled to a refund of her money or a new pair of sneakers from Cheapest Ever Shoes Pty Ltd. Maxine made the purchase of the pair of sneakers despite noticing the sign stating ‘No refunds, customer must choose carefully’. In order to determine whether Cheapest Ever Shoes Pty Ltd is liable to refund the money to Maxine or give her a new pair of sneakers, we must determine whether the practice by Cheapest Ever Shoes Pty Ltd of fixing a very low price on a pair of sneakers which proved to be of poor quality was an unfair practice and or a misleading/deceptive conduct.


Section 53a of Trade Practices act of 1974 states that a business organization involved in trading activities shall not in connection with the supply or in connection with the promotion of goods and services “falsely represent that goods are of a particular standard, quality, value, grade, composition, style or model or have had a particular history or particular previous use” (Trade Practices Act 1974, 2004).  Under section 55A which stipulates certain misleading conduct in relation to services, it states that, “a corporation shall not, in trade or commerce, engage in conduct that is liable to mislead the public as to the nature, the characteristics, and the sustainability for their purpose or the quantity of any services” (Trade Practices Act 1974, 2004). Section 56 of the same act continues to say under bait advertising provision that, ” a corporation shall not, in trade or commerce, advertise for supply at a specified price, goods or services of there are reasonable grounds, of which the corporation is aware or ought reasonably to be aware, for believing that the corporation will not be able to offer…” (Trade Practices Act 1974, 2004).

The Right Exhibition Venue



Earls Court exhibition centre – This London venue is right in the centre of London and is an excellent location and very accessible by public transport. If you are staying in London then you will easily be able to use the London underground to get to this venue. The exhibition Centre itself is also a very good venue with sizeable halls and disabled access. Nearby, within walking distance, there are a number of shops and places to buy food and plenty of coffee shops.

The Mostra d’Oltremare – Located in the Fuorigrotta part of Naples, this is a venue known for its aesthetic appeal and green environment. All kinds of events, in addition to exhibitions and trade fairs, are held here and this is the largest place for exhibitions in the South of Italy. The attraction of this venue comes in the Fairgrounds and parks surrounding the Exhibition Centre and by the metro system in the city, this is a convenient and handy venue.

The closest underground stops are Earls Court (for Earls Court) and Kensington (for Olympia Exhibition Centre). There are also several buses stopping near these two exhibition venues and, if you are travelling by train, just in front of Earls Court exhibition centre there is West Brompton Station. There are direct services to West Brompton Station from, among others, Gatwick Airport. For more information on National Rail services official website. If you are travelling by coach, Victoria station is well connected to Kensington and some coaches even stop on Earls Court Road, near Earls Court exhibition centre.

Business Profit Pack


Many people have been asking recently; why as a business coach do you sell this? What is this Business Profit Pack and What is in it?

It has led me as a business mentor, to write this article specifically about why it will help you in your business and what types of programs it has in it. To answer the first question, not all people can afford to work with a business coach and this pack gives the business owner a very similar outcome as a very cost efficient investment. Firstly there are 12 modules in total. Each module addresses a different aspect of your training and business. In the first section it outlines the importance of knowing what your numbers are in your business. As a business coach the first things we look at are the Profit and Loss statements. These are template for you as spreadsheets so that you can put in all of your expenses and costs from your business. Doing this gives you the business owner an overview and helps you to understand what types of costs come out of your account on a monthly basis. It will help you to identify what items you are selling lots of and it can help you to look at putting your prices up or even change some of the products that you sell in order to make your business more profitable.

Business School Essay


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Exhibition Stands Design and Creation


Many companies recognize the benefits that large companies can be those of direct and face-to-face marketing and for this reason, many companies the cost to participate in the trade and public shows and exhibitions. The giant can push for those companies by networking in an environment where other B2B partners and paying visitors are actively searching for products and services in the business sector can be very beneficial to start your own business. The exhibition if you need a stand. Below, see what we can, that the foundations of the exhibition stand design.

Size and style – the exhibition stand design, the correct size and style to your needs and you may need to carefully consider your requirements. Exhibition Stands come in a variety of sizes ranging from desktop size is, the pop-up banner systems and stands and stands up to larger booths can be customized or in the shell. If you allow your budget, you may want to create a custom design very well stand for the issue you are exhibiting at. Some stalls offer space for desks, and private meeting areas so that in discussions and meetings on site, if it is necessary.

Equipment – You may need to carefully examine the equipment and facilities you need for your stand. Maybe you want a continuous display on a laptop screen or AV. Remember not to examine power and places to lay the cable, for example.