Own Stocks at Zero Cost – Option Trading Secrets Revealed

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It’s true – you can own your favorite stocks at no cost or at deepest discounts! Learn the highly guarded, secret option trading strategies professional investors use to make steady profits, year after year, no matter what the financial markets do. This article will show you the step-by-step process of using Options to get the stock you want at a deep discount, and sometimes at zero cost. Since trades don’t always go the way we planned, so we will also explore the worst case scenario.

Properly executed, these strategies have the advantage of minimal expenses – something everyone can appreciate during these troubled times. The following example will demonstrate how this is done.

Do your fundamental analysis as you would do for any stock that you would like to buy and hold for long-term appreciation. Look for companies with strong financials and superior performance within their industry segment. Perhaps you’ve wanted to own the stock of a certain company for some time, but were not willing to pay the price.
For those stocks, analyze Out-of-The-Money (OTM) Put Options with expiration dates between 30 to 60 days. An OTM Put Option is a Put Option with a strike price lesser than the current market price of the underlying stock. We are looking for a Put Option with high premium which we can sell.
Sell the Put Option. Your trading account will get credited with the put premium amount. Example: XYZ Corp. (a fictitious name used for this example) stock has a current market price of $ 54 on July 1, 2009. August 2009 Put 50 is having a premium of $ 4. You sell 1 contract (100 shares) of August 2009 Put 50 to get a Credit of $ 400. If you had bought 100 shares then you had to pay $ 5,400 but now you are controlling the same number of shares and getting paid $ 400 for doing that!

Business Travel Tokyo


The prominent economy of Tokyo attracts millions of business persons annually. The city being a hub for banking, finance and industry is completely geared to cater for those travelling for commercial purposes. The city is amazing. It’s a blend of style, glamour, success and interesting culture. It is also very much abuzz with activity but affords a sense of security which comes only with complete orderliness – which is also the secret behind the city’s financial success.

And even though one might feel that it is an atmosphere of relentlessness, perseverance and impassiveness that is afforded to the first-timer, the city, in contrast to its business side, feature an atmosphere of gentility, culture, religion, tradition and good manners. It is also a town of fashion, culinary art, daring designs and great attractions.

Whilst on a business trip to Tokyo one of the main aspects to take in to consideration is transport. Two main Airports serve this city. The main international being Narita Airport, which is about 40 miles from the city centre, and the domestic being Haneda Airport, which offers mainly domestic flights. From Narita Airport one can take the taxi or the rail to get to the city. Of course taxi fares are exorbitant and most prefer the public transport which will be about one-tenth the cost of a taxi. Japan Railways take you from Narita to the various hubs in Tokyo. To get to the northeasters Ueno station the best option would be the Keisei Skyliner which operated frequently. For direct transport to hotels via bus one may even try the Airport Limousine Company. The town itself is served by an efficient and punctual network of private and municipal trains and subways. The fare depends on the distance travelled and one can even opt for the convenient day pass.

People held in 2009 electrical management summary business plan cum Conference 2010

Management Conference

Newswire January 23, People Electric Appliance Group completed in 2009 Management Conference held in cum Business Plan in 2010. Group Chairman Cheng Yuan Bao, general manager of Ye Yusen, party secretary, Liu water expensive Communist Youth League secretary Zhengjing Jie, deputy warden and parliamentary leader Hu just under the jurisdiction of the production base, the center had (do) the units at the meeting of the Group Office Director Wang Zhi Jin chair available.